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Such a simple idea

So why hasn’t it been done?

Safe with charging point

OK, you’re at the hotel and your phone/tablet needs charging but you’ve to be elsewhere right now. A situation common enough. Do you a) take the phone with you and hope the battery lasts? or b) put it on charge in the room – and hope no-one steals it while you’re out?

Most hotels provide in-room safes so that valuables can be left securely, yet it’s hardly secure to leave an expensive phone/tablet charging on a table. Should it get stolen the first thing the hotel would say is “Why wasn’t it in the safe?”

The solution seems, to me at least, very obvious. It’s hardly a mammoth task to install an electrical socket (& vent) into the safe.

Any hotel that did provide such a facility would have a USP to encourage guests and would almost certainly quickly recoup any costs through increased visitor numbers. I know that, personally, given the choice between a hotel with the facility to securely charge my phone and one without, I’d pick the “with” every time.

So why isn’t it available?

May I suggest readers do as I’ve done and request each hotel that they visit installs such a facility. With enough requests commonsense might just prevail.


BlackBerry Bombard Users With Ads


BBM Rip OffBlackberry, the company behind the messaging application BBM, have hit on a money-making idea that really annoys users.

Sponsored content (in others words adverts) appear in channel feeds, but if you don’t want to see these ads then, at one time, you could simply block them. Simple, ad gone!

Not any more. Blackberry weren’t making enough dosh.

Obviously users didn’t like the ads so blocked them, so Blackberry responded by removing the option to block these annoying adverts, UNLESS you pay!

That’s correct. When pressed BBM support replied, in a private message so that most people wouldn’t see it, with “Advertisements can be removed from BBM for $0.99 USD per month with the No Ads subscription. This subscription removes all ads from your feed, and you will no longer receive sponsored invites from our partners.

They may argue that $0.99 / month is a small amount, but multiply that by the hundreds of millions of users! A tidy profit, just for annoying people!

Companies that use such tactics deserve to lose customers, and they’ve certainly lost this one. BBM isn’t worth the hassle!

Life Revolves


Not so SocialContrary to the belief of many social media is NOT the be-all & end-all!

Yes, it has a place in the modern world, but that’s just the point “in the world not the centre of it! Yet for many their lives revolve around Twitter, Facebook & the rest, spending every waking minute updating, tweeting, posting, etc. It’d take surgical intervention to part these people from their smartphones/tablets. Thing is, most of the time it’s pure dribble that’s being spouted, though it obviously keeps them entertained. Why must they rely so heavily on cyberspace? Have they never heard that it’s better to kept quiet and let others think you’re a fool than to speak and prove them right? Are their lives really so dull that they can’t exist in the real world?

While you ponder that I’m off actually living!

The answer to all issues


Factory ResetPhones, laptops and tablets will have been on many peoples Christmas lists and, as seems all too common, many of these will develop faults, often very soon after switch on, and usually when you’ve managed to load them up with all your important information. Worry not though, there’s always the warranty.

A call to the technical support line will soon have things working again – you hope.

Things are rarely that straight forward unfortunately. When you do manage to illicit a response it’s usually the same one, no matter which manufacturer you’re dealing with.

“Try a factory reset”. It’s the first thing they come up with. Never mind that you’ve spent ages inputting all your data, and getting the thing to look and feel just how you like it. All that time and effort is going down the drain. Yes, a reset does that! Even if you’re able to make a back up first, it’s still going to take some time to restore things, and that “reset” isn’t even guaranteed to cure the problem.

So, why is it the first thing those tech people think of? It’s like it’s the only reply button in front of them! It never occurs to them to try to work through a problem to determine the cause. Simply hit the button! Well that’s rubbish; those same tech people would be rather annoyed if, having taken their car to a garage because of a slight problem, the mechanic told them to have a new engine fitted!

Personally I’ve had these issues with Samsung, HTC and Medion amongst others, and it’s not good enough. These tech departments shouldn’t need to use a sledge hammer to crack a walnut, if they were any good…

Samsung Tremble

Customers hit a nerve!

SMUK nerveThe fiasco of the 4.3 update is well documented but, in a recent development, it appears Samsung Mobile UK are really beginning to tremble. Clearly they have been inundated with complaints from far and wide but until now have simply dismissed them out of hand, with platitudes and excuses. However, yesterday they resorted to actually blocking complaints they don’t like! Obviously the truth hurts.
That can only be the act of a desperate company!
Customers are leaving in droves. Sales have suffered, and will continue to do so, hopefully leading to those responsible losing their jobs, and rightly so.
I suggest consumers vote with their feet; buy elsewhere.

Update 18/03/14Samsung have been hurt more than anyone could have imagined! So much so that they pressured Facebook into removing a page dedicated to the mistakes of this inept bunch. A company to truly avoid at all costs!Facebook strangled

A Fiasco…


SamsungThe management at Apple must be rubbing their hands together, at the thoughts of the gains they’ll certainly make on the back of the latest catastrophic update rolled out by competitor Samsung.

For those not aware, and there can be very few, Samsung recently released it’s long awaited update to the operating system of their flagship handsets, the Galaxy S3 & S4, Android Jelly Bean 4.3. This update had been delayed while the company carried out extensive testing to ensure it would meet requirements. Unfortunately, this testing must have been flawed as, following the roll out, the company was immediately inundated by vast numbers of customers complaining that the update has, in some instances, made the phone virtually unusable. Many and varied faults have been reported (too numerous to list here) but it is clear that 4.3 is riddled with problems, so much so that Samsung halted the update process in an effort to minimise the disruption caused.

A glance at the companies Facebook page shows the strength of feelings exhibited by users far & wide.

But what are Samsung doing about  this situation? Well, on the face of it, not much. It’s a good 6 weeks since some handsets were updated, and effectively reduced to expensive paperweights, yet the company merely offer the same (often word for word) lame excuses. With no remedy in sight it’s clear that many users will (& some already have) dump their phones in favour of the most likely competitor, the iPhone.

Indeed, inflicting such a clearly faulty product (i.e. the update) on it’s users arguably puts the company in the realms of “negligence” which, as everyone knows, if taken through the courts would mean a costly and embarrassing experience for Samsung. Could they withstand that? Would they want to chance it? Whose heads would roll as a result?

Plainly Samsung have an uphill struggle ahead, not only to correct the problems of the 4.3 update, but to rescue its reputation which is quickly sliding into oblivion. Nothing less than a perfect fix, and quickly, will do. The ball’s in your court Samsung, don’t miss it!

Update 09/12/13It appears that a fix has now been rolled out so that many users can finally get their phones back to the way they should be. It’s taken a ridiculous amount of time to sort out and the damage done by the original catastrophic update will take Samsung a long time to live down, a situation made even worse by the atrocious customer service throughout this incident. As customers we can only pray that Samsung learn their lesson and that we see no repetition at future updates, and that goes for their software too. The 4.3 update required users to update to Kies3, although that piece of software is not even finished. Another car-crash waiting to happen?

Update 09/12/13Further to todays earlier update (above): Samsung have, contrary to publicity, failed to address all the problems with the initial 4.3 release. Even the so-called fix, for which users waited up to 6 weeks, is faulty! Having spoken with Samsung I am told that “another update is to be released in the next few days“; so that’s a fix for the fix, and if past experience is anything to go by “next few days” is Samsung-speak for weeks! The fiasco drags on!

Update 12/12/13Samsung do it again. What? Treat customers like mushrooms. With more digging (no pun intended) I learned that the previous info “fix for the fix” was (deliberately or otherwise) wrong. There will be no 3rd release as, according to the UK executive office, all issues were rectified by the 2nd release {edit 31/12/13: a 3rd release was rolled out 16 Dec, but problems seem to persist!}. Maybe they should tell that to the many users still without working phones! As far as Samsung are concerned it seems you’re on your own!

Check out Not So Smart Phones! for more illustrations.

Blocked by Samsung - 17/1/14Latest in this fiasco:

As one of many affected by this 4.3 disaster I, not unreasonably, expressed my dissatisfaction with Samsung via (amongst others) Facebook. Clearly they don’t like the truth because they blocked me from posting on their page!

That can only be described as an act of desperation delivered by a company running scared!

Update 06/03/14They’ve now blocked yet another customer, simply for asking for truthful answers! They really are unbelievable.

Would you buy from such a company? Anyone who does will only get what they deserve!

The warnings are clear for all to see.

Android 4.3