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Independence Day!


The Union Jack FlagFinally the UK regains control!

It’s been a long time coming but we now have control of our borders and our laws, without interference from unelected bureaucrats in continental Europe. No-one ever said it would be easy, and it wasn’t,  but nothing worth having ever is but we now have the opportunity to decide our own future.

Naturally EU leaders are displeased, not least because they’ll lose £Bn’s which we can now spend in our country, on our priorities. They’ll also be worried that other countries could follow the UK lead, eventually causing the demise of the EU itself, along with the many fat-cat jobs!

Still, that’s democracy at work! A phrase those in the “remain” camp that can’t accept defeat must swallow. The country has spoken, get over it!

I’m sure there’ll be much to come on this subject in the coming months but for now it’s time to celebrate a historic victory for freedom!

Update 16/03/2017


Queen gives Royal Assent to Article 50 bill


March 29 2017Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday



Set in Stone


Set in StoneEver noticed how, when shopping, the assistant has unquestioning faith in the computer?

Even for a single low-value item, they may have sold many of immediately prior, and where the price is boldly displayed on the item itself, the assistant will scan it and then glare at the screen before telling the customer the cost. It’s as though the price may have changed in the intervening minutes between sales! Or maybe it’s just that the assistant is incapable of reading – or trusting – the price label on the product.

Whatever the reason, human thought has been dispensed with! The computer is king! Heaven help them if the screen should display as above! How many would actually do it?

And what happens when the computer is “.. a bit slow today“, or “.. has a problem“? The customer must wait while a manager is summoned, or the computer decides [“decides”, hell, it’s just a machine!] to work again.

We now have a generation of people, little more than robots themselves, who can’t use initiative & common sense. Clearly the education system has much to answer for! And they call this progress…

Our best chance


Vote to LeaveFinally, we the British people will get to choose. Do we stay in the European Union, continuing to be ruled from continental Europe – and paying a small fortune for that privilege, or do we take back control of our country, our borders and our laws?

For years David Cameron has bowed down to dominant EU leaders like Angela Merkel & her French counterpart, while at the same time screwing every last penny out of the British people (to send to other nations!). Now we have the chance to end all that for good.

The case for leaving the EU is overwhelming and is well presented here. Many prominent government ministers are set to defy the prime minister and vote to leave, with more joining daily. It’s likely to be the only chance we’ll get to break free from EU rule, certainly for a generation at least, and we must take the opportunity!

Energy Saving?


No hot fillIn this day & age of energy saving one everyday item seems to have been ignored. The washing machine, common in virtually every household, is a substantial consumer of that precious energy, but why must it consume so much – when there’s a solution.

Apart from the actual washing action, energy is also used to heat the water going into the machine. Surely if that heating process could be reduced or even eliminated then energy would be saved.

Time was when all such appliances came with two hoses, hot and cold, and the user could then choose whether to use hot or cold water. Naturally the use of hot water would save both time & energy, so why have manufacturers removed the “hot” option?

There are various “reasons” given by manufactures and service people as to why hot fills are unnecessary, but common sense says otherwise. The water must be heated to perform a proper wash, so not to use already hot water is simply wasteful. One thing’s for sure, cold-only machines takes far longer to complete a wash, thus using more energy!

Maybe the real reason lies in finance. Maybe it’s cheaper to manufacture cold-only machines, thus increasing profits. Maybe common-sense isn’t that common after all!


Company survival

Purely by volume

To care or not to careI’m sure we’ve all experienced problems after buying something, i.e. mobile phones, TV’s, furniture, even cars. Something goes wrong with the product. The ideal remedy is to take it back and get an on-the-spot repair, exchange or refund. Unfortunately though it’s not always that straightforward, particularly in todays online shopping culture.

While most people will accept that products can fail, equally they expect the people behind the products to put it right. He’s where the “customer service” department comes in – and often where the real problems begin!

So, you phone up and get the dreaded “press this, press that” menu (always designed to speed things up for you of course), then as “all our agents are currently busy…” you’re held in a queue, frequently for a long time. When someone does finally answer, invariably with a foreign accent which is hard to understand, you explain the problem, usually more than once. More often than not the call ends with you going off to try something they suggested; which never works. So, you phone again, and repeat the whole process to a different agent. Or maybe you decide it’s less stressful to use their “contact us” email form. Big mistake that! All that happens then is you get back the auto-acknowledgement saying how important your message is – then nothing more!

The point here is “why are customer service people the same the world over?” It doesn’t matter which company you deal with, the CS department will almost always be a source of despair. So, “why?”, and just as importantly, “how do these companies stay in business?”

Quantity over Quality!

If all companies provide the same low level of service, where do customers turn? Simple, they get fed up and move to a different company, but it’s this constant turn-over of customers, between companies, which keeps the vicious circle going – and the standards low.SurvivalRegretfully, the days when “service” meant genuine concern for customers and a desire to maintain or even enhance a company’s reputation seem to have disappeared. It’s now just a rat-race, with a “win some, lose some” approach, and who loses? The customers, naturally.

You might think this poor attitude is limited to the bigger companies, but unfortunately not, even though reputation is even more valuable to the small fry. To illustrate my point, an outfit producing a barcode app for mobiles responds to customer queries simply by criticising reviews. It offers no explanation, let alone help, and tells the customer to “move along”! The name of this particular bunch to avoid, “ZXing Team”. Remember it, and stay well clear. They probably won’t be around long anyway, with that attitude!

Maybe Not Dickens


BoEWith the British people facing austerity unseen for decades it’s clear that the government are strapped for cash (or so they say), hence all the cuts in public spending etc. It’s also the reason we’re being told to be more self-reliant; expect less from the state and provide more for ourselves.

Certainly the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has made it clear that he has no intention of increasing the interest rate anytime soon, despite having previously indicated it would happen as soon as inflation & unemployment falls. This being intended to keep mortgages low and help people spend.

Well, guess what, inflation & unemployment are both down (according to the governments “O.S.A.”), yet there’s no sign of any increase in interest rates. A good thing some may say, but wait. With incomes continuing to fall behind expenditures, meaning people are getting poorer, how – rather what – are people supposed to spend. It can’t be “credit”, living on that is the reason for this predicament in the first place.

Going back to the “self-reliant” theme; savings are what many people are relying on to get by, yet with interest rates at their lowest for years there’s virtually no return on savings or investments, so how long can people expect those to last?

It’s about time politicians and financiers realised they need to redress the balance between spending & saving. Far too much emphasis is placed on the former, yet without savers there’d be no spending!

Let’s see savers get some thanks for their efforts for a change!

What Was It For?


FalklandsRemember the Falklands war? Certainly the British people do! Unfortunately though our politicians have conveniently put aside the devastating costs paid by our armed forces in the protection of the Falkland Islands.

Despite the open hostility shown by Argentina on numerous occasions since that time, Cameron & Co are happy to shower £9M of taxpayers money on this enemy!

It’s unbelievable just how far this government will go to make themselves look good, or, without any kind of backbone, they probably can’t stand up to foreigners. Pity they aren’t as co-operative with the people who elected them. No wonder the rest of the world sees the UK as a soft touch!

It’s nothing short of disgraceful, and yet another reason why this government has to go!