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Our best chance


Vote to LeaveFinally, we the British people will get to choose. Do we stay in the European Union, continuing to be ruled from continental Europe – and paying a small fortune for that privilege, or do we take back control of our country, our borders and our laws?

For years David Cameron has bowed down to dominant EU leaders like Angela Merkel & her French counterpart, while at the same time screwing every last penny out of the British people (to send to other nations!). Now we have the chance to end all that for good.

The case for leaving the EU is overwhelming and is well presented here. Many prominent government ministers are set to defy the prime minister and vote to leave, with more joining daily. It’s likely to be the only chance we’ll get to break free from EU rule, certainly for a generation at least, and we must take the opportunity!


Hotel Safety


Fire safety in hotelsThe question of hotel fire safety is one many people take for granted – until it’s too late!

We’ve all seen the notices about escape routes, assembly points and, of course, the “don’t use lifts (elevators) in case of fire”. Most often nothing goes wrong so we tend to forget about them, but we still need to have them so that if the worst does happen we can get out quickly, under our own steam.

But what if the guests are disabled or have reduced mobility? Clearly then the hotel is obliged to provide the required assistance, but in an emergency such as a fire hotel staff have many things to do. Are they able to help PRM guests?

Imagine a disable guest located on a high floor, who can’t use a lift. The problems are all too obvious.

Forward planning, both by the guests and the hotel, would be helpful. The guest would for example, when booking, advise the hotel of a disability. The hotel could then ensure that a ground floor room is allocated, thus alleviating the problem of stairs (one less issue). It would be easier and safer for both guests and hotel if this simple procedure was followed. So why isn’t it?

Most hotels, when accepting reservations, take “requests” for such things as views, room types etc, and for most people this is satisfactory. However, for disabled people a request (as above) for a ground floor room is more than simply a “would like” it’s a “must have”, yet hotels say they can’t guarantee such things.

Why not?

With the exception of walk-in guests, reservations are made in advance so hotels are fully aware of requirements at particular times, so of course they can allocate suitable rooms. The fact that they won’t shows that they don’t rate guest safety as a high priority!

As said, most times problems don’t arise, but travellers who are willing to take risks and accept less than satisfactory hotel policies are dicing with death – literally!

Isn’t it time legislation was introduced, & enforced, to make sure hotels safeguard guests in these situations? The same goes for travel agents, they too should do more!

In the meantime guests have the ultimate weapon, choice! Don’t accept unsafe practice, choose a hotel that cares about its guests!

With friends like this…


CalaisScenes like these were commonplace at the port of Calais over recent days. Hundreds (?) of migrants from across Europe, and beyond, hijacking lorries bound for Dover, and what were the French police doing about it? Nothing!

In fact, in some cases they were actively encouraging it!

Migrants have travelled the length and breadth of Europe, through many counties, all with one aim, to get to the UK. Why didn’t they settle in one of the countries through which they passed? Two reasons; one, the authorities in those countries make it perfectly clear immigrants are not wanted, and will get no help. Two, it’s almost universally known that the UK is a soft touch, offering hand-outs to anyone who can get here (by whatever means) – at the expense of the British taxpayer!

Is this the “freedom of movement” the EU is always banging on about?

Why aren’t the French doing more to stop this criminal activity? Simple, it’s in French interests to get those migrants on to lorries and out of France, then it becomes someone else’s problem. In this case the UK – again!

The French are showing a real “spirit of co-operation” between EU partners. Total c***!

When are UK politicians going to adopt the same “look after No.1” attitude that other countries display? We need two things in the UK; a change of government to one who puts UK people first, and out of the EU! Then, and only then, can we control our borders and stop scenes like the ones above.

End of a Nationality


EU Birth-certsPeople born in the UK will soon be known as European, not British, if the power-crazed eurocrats get their way. Under recently announced proposals the EU symbol will soon appear on all UK birth certificates, effectively ending a nationality!

Of course the European Commission denies this, however they also denied that the EU symbol would become compulsory on UK driving licences, but just take a look at one now.

Cameron & Co have to find a communal backbone immediately, as this is most definitely a step too far!

Another reason, if one was needed, to get the h*** out of the EU.

Faceless wonders


ECHR“Mind your own business!”

These faceless wonders are out of touch with reality and consumed with their own importance.

Today they have shown a total disregard for common sense, putting the wishes of serial murderers, rapists and other such scum ahead of those of decent people, by ruling that locking up such lowlife’s for the rest of their days is “inhuman”.

Some may argue that such a punishment is wrong. Certainly it’s very costly for the British taxpayer. A cheaper, far more permanent punishment would be more suited to the dregs of society, if only those in authority had enough guts to reintroduce it!

Although the UK government is making loud, objectionable, noises against this latest affront to decency, it remains to be seen what action they will take!

United States of … Europe


Merkel EuroAdolf Hitler tried to dominate Europe by force, it took a world war to stop him.

Angela Merkel is trying to achieve the same aim through politics. What will it take to stop this modern-day Hitler?

She plainly sees herself as presiding over a United States of Europe, rivalling the U.S. president for the title of the world’s most powerful leader. History has shown that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! We need to stop this power-crazed maniac now, before she turns us all in to goose-stepping frankfurter-eaters… or worse!!!

Can we Brits rely on David Cameron to fight our corner? I think not. The last two years has shown where his priorities lie!!! This bully never stands up to foreign politicians, instead draining the resources from already over-loaded Brits in favour of immigrants.

New qualifications for immigrant entitlements; simply by setting foot in the UK guarantees the jackpot!

Cameron, as you love Europe so much emigrate! In fact go anywhere, but just GO!!

Just Who Governs Who?

Strasbourg… again?

Human Rights BuildingWho’s Human Rights take precedence?

Here in the UK shops must close, by law, for only 2 days each year, Christmas Day & Easter Sunday, guaranteeing shop workers the shortest of breaks, and the opportunity to celebrate our religious days as they were meant to be.

However, as not everyone recognises those two special days as religious festivals, a case has been put before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg alleging infringement of the human rights of non-Christian groups (by not allowing them to shop when they wish).
Seems that 363 days isn’t enough, or could there be some other, more sinister, motive for wanting to ride roughshod over the vast majority of the UK populations religious beliefs?

It appears that anyone can claim for anything these days; like the woman Police officer who’s suing the victim of a crime – because she tripped over while investigating!

The world has gone mad!