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Hotel Safety


Fire safety in hotelsThe question of hotel fire safety is one many people take for granted – until it’s too late!

We’ve all seen the notices about escape routes, assembly points and, of course, the “don’t use lifts (elevators) in case of fire”. Most often nothing goes wrong so we tend to forget about them, but we still need to have them so that if the worst does happen we can get out quickly, under our own steam.

But what if the guests are disabled or have reduced mobility? Clearly then the hotel is obliged to provide the required assistance, but in an emergency such as a fire hotel staff have many things to do. Are they able to help PRM guests?

Imagine a disable guest located on a high floor, who can’t use a lift. The problems are all too obvious.

Forward planning, both by the guests and the hotel, would be helpful. The guest would for example, when booking, advise the hotel of a disability. The hotel could then ensure that a ground floor room is allocated, thus alleviating the problem of stairs (one less issue). It would be easier and safer for both guests and hotel if this simple procedure was followed. So why isn’t it?

Most hotels, when accepting reservations, take “requests” for such things as views, room types etc, and for most people this is satisfactory. However, for disabled people a request (as above) for a ground floor room is more than simply a “would like” it’s a “must have”, yet hotels say they can’t guarantee such things.

Why not?

With the exception of walk-in guests, reservations are made in advance so hotels are fully aware of requirements at particular times, so of course they can allocate suitable rooms. The fact that they won’t shows that they don’t rate guest safety as a high priority!

As said, most times problems don’t arise, but travellers who are willing to take risks and accept less than satisfactory hotel policies are dicing with death – literally!

Isn’t it time legislation was introduced, & enforced, to make sure hotels safeguard guests in these situations? The same goes for travel agents, they too should do more!

In the meantime guests have the ultimate weapon, choice! Don’t accept unsafe practice, choose a hotel that cares about its guests!


When it’s needed


Stair liftFor people who get around easily it’s sometimes difficult to understand the problems for those who can’t. Even walking up stairs can be a major obstacle. Take the case of a person who, because of hip and spinal problems, struggled to climb the stairs in their home. This person thought a stair lift would be a solution, so applied to the local council for financial assistance (these items can be expensive).

The actual process of installation would take one day, with possibly a few hours previously for preparation work. This person started the application process. After 2 years a physical assessment was done and it was agreed a stair lift was necessary. Great they thought, help at last. But No, not yet. They were told that it could be another 2 years before their application is approved, if indeed approved it is. If not, the 4 year wait will have been in vain.

The point here is this; when such a mobility aid is required is it reasonable to expect a person in difficulties to wait 4 years? Clearly not! These delays are always put down to financial pressures, so why then is the UK government still sending £Bn to other countries? There’s something fundamentally wrong with a system that puts foreigners ahead of its own citizens!

Update 07/08/14I’ve managed to obtain a copy of the documents that were required to be completed in order to apply for the grant mentioned above. Up to 62 pages of information had to be provided before the council would even consider the application. If that isn’t designed to deter applicants I don’t know what is!

People for sale…


Medical records for saleFirstly an apology; you’ve read here several times “what next for sale?”, it must be getting boring. However, the truth is, just when we thought it couldn’t go on, it does!!!

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has come up with a secret plan to sell confidential medical records to private companies. That’s right, patient records, including identifiable details such as NHS number, are to be added to a central database from which private firms can buy what they wish! It’s incredible!

The Data Protection Act was supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but it seems once again, this government change the rules as they go along.

So, to answer the first question “what next?”, I reckon it’s got to be “people”. Any country with a small population can apply to Cameron & Co to buy some of us, we’ll then have our nationality changed to whichever country has bought us.

Crazy…??? No crazier than many of the ludicrous stunts this government has pulled so far.

This prime minister will sell absolutely anything – or anyone!

He has to go!

New Super Hospital


RLHLiverpool is to get a new hospital, where all patients will have single rooms with en-suite facilities, flat screen TV’s with free channels, a team of meeters & greeters and a bleeper service so that they can wander around the grounds until the doctor is ready to see them; no more sitting in crowded clinics. These are just some of the luxuries this £429m Royal Liverpool Hospital will offer.

Unfortunately this comes with a down-side. The hospital will reduce the nursing workforce by about 8%, that’s nurses lost, not to mention job losses in other areas.

Which would you rather have, a fancy room with all mod-cons to be ill in or nurses to help make you better?

Blood money


Plasma SaleIt’s been asked before, many times, “What next?”

Well, this time it’s the Department of Health’s blood plasma supplier, Plasma Resources UK, that’s being sold for profit, to a private equity firm for £230m.

Cameron & Co really are out to sell the entire country!

It beggars belief that such lunatics can be allowed to roam the streets. It’s a tragedy that Guy Fawkes failed, but we MUST get rid of them somehow!


Government Welfare Reform


As part of the governments’ welfare reform plans, the Department for Work and Pensions awarded a contract extension worth over £300 million to Atos Healthcare, a private company with an annual turnover in excess of €5 billion.

According to Atos they will “continue to deliver medical advice and assessment services to support the UK government’s welfare reform agenda to help people to move into and progress in work, while supporting the most vulnerable.” That’s the official line. In truth they are simply out to cut benefits!

Anyone who’s ever dealt with Atos will know exactly how ruthless they are when assessing a persons ability to work, and therefore eligibility for benefit. Even severely disabled people have been assessed by Atos as “capable”, thus stopping their benefits. Simply put, Atos produce a report that best suits the people paying them – the DWP (Dept of W**kers & Pi***cks)!

If anyone is wondering who calls from 01264-325540, it’s Atos!

Now Iain Duncan Smith is taking these measures even further in an attempt to claw back benefits from UK citizens, by making the criteria even tougher. I wonder if he’ll be applying that same tough criteria to EU immigrants coming across the channel to avail themselves of Britains generous welfare system (as Europrats like to portray it). I doubt it very much, that would be seen as discriminating against foreigners (but it’s fine to discriminate against UK citizens).

Another disgraceful policy from politicians who are supposed to work for us!

A British child, with cerebral palsy, has had to travel to the U.S.A. for treatment – on money raised through private donations – because the UK government, in the form of the NHS, refused to fund treatment here. Yet they continue to welcome “health tourists” from all over the world!

DWP minister, IDS, hell-bent on cutting benefit! Atos the hatchet firm!

DWP minister, IDS, hell-bent on cutting benefit! Atos the hatchet firm!

Update 04/07/15Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the benefit paid to disabled people with mobility problems, is being replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Why? So that the government can save money.

How are they doing this? By using Atos to assess claimants, but this time against far more restrictive standards! That’s what PIP has introduced. “Make the goals small enough and virtually no-one will score” is the DWP ethos. It’s worth mentioning also that Atos, the people who carry out the assessments and who report back to the DWP, obviously get lots of grief from disallowed claimants, because they stress that their “healthcare professional does not make the decision on your claim”.  Yeah right! They just produce the report that the DWP use. So, who really decides your claim? Obviously it’s Atos!

And where does all the money they grab back from disabled people end up? In benefits for health tourists, immigrants and other countries! How do these politicians sleep!!