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Independence Day!


The Union Jack FlagFinally the UK regains control!

It’s been a long time coming but we now have control of our borders and our laws, without interference from unelected bureaucrats in continental Europe. No-one ever said it would be easy, and it wasn’t,  but nothing worth having ever is but we now have the opportunity to decide our own future.

Naturally EU leaders are displeased, not least because they’ll lose £Bn’s which we can now spend in our country, on our priorities. They’ll also be worried that other countries could follow the UK lead, eventually causing the demise of the EU itself, along with the many fat-cat jobs!

Still, that’s democracy at work! A phrase those in the “remain” camp that can’t accept defeat must swallow. The country has spoken, get over it!

I’m sure there’ll be much to come on this subject in the coming months but for now it’s time to celebrate a historic victory for freedom!

Update 16/03/2017


Queen gives Royal Assent to Article 50 bill


March 29 2017Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday



Our best chance


Vote to LeaveFinally, we the British people will get to choose. Do we stay in the European Union, continuing to be ruled from continental Europe – and paying a small fortune for that privilege, or do we take back control of our country, our borders and our laws?

For years David Cameron has bowed down to dominant EU leaders like Angela Merkel & her French counterpart, while at the same time screwing every last penny out of the British people (to send to other nations!). Now we have the chance to end all that for good.

The case for leaving the EU is overwhelming and is well presented here. Many prominent government ministers are set to defy the prime minister and vote to leave, with more joining daily. It’s likely to be the only chance we’ll get to break free from EU rule, certainly for a generation at least, and we must take the opportunity!

French want rid of migrants


Calais chaosThe migrant chaos in Calais is out of control, everyone – apart from politicians – can see it!

It’s also common knowledge that the French want rid of those migrants, and the obvious way is through the channel tunnel in to the UK! Thing is, they can’t openly say that, though the distinct lack of effective preventative action speaks volumes. There is another way though.

As EU members, both France & the UK are bound by the “free movement” EU principle. So, if France issues the migrants with passports it effectively makes them EU citizens and, as such, they can simply walk in to the UK – quite legally! David Cameron is powerless to stop it.

There are already “help points” within the migrant camps giving advice on how to get in to Britain. How soon before we see the first French passport office too?

So much for UK border control. As EU members it’s non-existent!!!!

Life Means Life


Life imprisonmentLife imprisonment. Most people take this term to mean that the prisoner will spend the rest of his/her days behind bars, but not so. After a minimum term has been served the prisoner is eligible for parole. A “whole life” sentence however is a different matter. In this case the prisoner will never be released from prison! It’s this “whole life” sentence I will concentrate on here.

Ever since the death penalty was abolished in the UK there’s been controversy about “life” sentences. Recently the ECHR ruled that it was a breach of human rights, inhumane, to lock someone up for life, with no chance of ever being released. However, the Court of Appeal here in the UK overruled that decision (for once standing up to the EU) and said that British courts could sentence people to whole life terms, in the most severe cases.

That now begs the question “why lock someone up for ever?”

What happens when someone is locked up with the knowledge that they will eventually die in prison? To begin with, the victims family may feel a sense of justice, knowing that the criminal is serving a similar sentence to them, and that this person will never be free to walk the streets and commit other heinous crimes. But what about the prisoner? He/she knows that whatever they do in prison they can’t be punished more (leaving aside for now prison rules/discipline). Someone with nothing to lose makes for a very dangerous person! Dangerous to other prisoners and to prison staff. This situation makes an already dangerous work environment even worse. Also, there’s the cost. Keeping someone in prison, often for many many years, is very expensive; a cost that has to be borne by the British public.

So what’s the alternative?

Reintroduce the death penalty for such prisoners! This would take away the long-term dangers, save a small fortune, provide the justice many victims seek – “an eye for an eye” – and it would give the prisoner a closure point. Indeed many life prisoners do commit suicide (either because they can’t face the years ahead or because they feel deserving of such a punishment), and many others require special, long-term, attention to prevent such actions, which is itself a drain on prison resources.

This, I realise, is a very emotive subject, and there will be people out there with many reasons to disagree with me. However, as is my right, I am putting forward a point of view shared by vast numbers of the British public. So far politicians have shied away when it comes to this debate, but with large swathes of the world still having, & using, the death penalty how long can British MPs keep their heads in the sand?

Religion or Security?


Why is one acceptable and the other not?Yet again the UK favours foreigners.

The person on the left can freely walk in to a bank (or similar building) dressed in this way and nothing is said. However the person on the right would, in the same situation, without doubt be asked to remove the helmet. Indeed many organisations openly display notices banning the wearing of helmets inside their premises, supposedly on the grounds of security.

Yet, which of these two pictures hides the wearers identity most? Isn’t that a security risk?

It’s plain that security takes a back seat to religion. In fact should this “religious” garment be questioned it would undoubtedly be seen as discrimination, yet it’s all too easy for anyone (it could even be a male inside) to abuse this form of dress with the intention of committing acts of crime or terrorism.

But heaven forbid the UK government should ever question such wearers!

If security is so important, and in this day & age it most certainly is, then a line has to be drawn about what is and isn’t acceptable, and religion (real or otherwise) should not be allowed to compromise that.

Update 08/11/13Guess what, it actually happened! This “religious” garment has been used to allow a terrorist to evade capture, but will anything be done about  this outrageous abuse?

Update 24/07/14Yet another example of why immigrants must not be allowed to change UK laws. It’s like allowing everyone to move around in disguise. How do they hope to identify such people, or are we more concerned about offending their feelings?

People for sale…


Medical records for saleFirstly an apology; you’ve read here several times “what next for sale?”, it must be getting boring. However, the truth is, just when we thought it couldn’t go on, it does!!!

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has come up with a secret plan to sell confidential medical records to private companies. That’s right, patient records, including identifiable details such as NHS number, are to be added to a central database from which private firms can buy what they wish! It’s incredible!

The Data Protection Act was supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but it seems once again, this government change the rules as they go along.

So, to answer the first question “what next?”, I reckon it’s got to be “people”. Any country with a small population can apply to Cameron & Co to buy some of us, we’ll then have our nationality changed to whichever country has bought us.

Crazy…??? No crazier than many of the ludicrous stunts this government has pulled so far.

This prime minister will sell absolutely anything – or anyone!

He has to go!

Faceless wonders


ECHR“Mind your own business!”

These faceless wonders are out of touch with reality and consumed with their own importance.

Today they have shown a total disregard for common sense, putting the wishes of serial murderers, rapists and other such scum ahead of those of decent people, by ruling that locking up such lowlife’s for the rest of their days is “inhuman”.

Some may argue that such a punishment is wrong. Certainly it’s very costly for the British taxpayer. A cheaper, far more permanent punishment would be more suited to the dregs of society, if only those in authority had enough guts to reintroduce it!

Although the UK government is making loud, objectionable, noises against this latest affront to decency, it remains to be seen what action they will take!