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Independence Day!


The Union Jack FlagFinally the UK regains control!

It’s been a long time coming but we now have control of our borders and our laws, without interference from unelected bureaucrats in continental Europe. No-one ever said it would be easy, and it wasn’t,  but nothing worth having ever is but we now have the opportunity to decide our own future.

Naturally EU leaders are displeased, not least because they’ll lose £Bn’s which we can now spend in our country, on our priorities. They’ll also be worried that other countries could follow the UK lead, eventually causing the demise of the EU itself, along with the many fat-cat jobs!

Still, that’s democracy at work! A phrase those in the “remain” camp that can’t accept defeat must swallow. The country has spoken, get over it!

I’m sure there’ll be much to come on this subject in the coming months but for now it’s time to celebrate a historic victory for freedom!

Update 16/03/2017


Queen gives Royal Assent to Article 50 bill


March 29 2017Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday



Our best chance


Vote to LeaveFinally, we the British people will get to choose. Do we stay in the European Union, continuing to be ruled from continental Europe – and paying a small fortune for that privilege, or do we take back control of our country, our borders and our laws?

For years David Cameron has bowed down to dominant EU leaders like Angela Merkel & her French counterpart, while at the same time screwing every last penny out of the British people (to send to other nations!). Now we have the chance to end all that for good.

The case for leaving the EU is overwhelming and is well presented here. Many prominent government ministers are set to defy the prime minister and vote to leave, with more joining daily. It’s likely to be the only chance we’ll get to break free from EU rule, certainly for a generation at least, and we must take the opportunity!

French want rid of migrants


Calais chaosThe migrant chaos in Calais is out of control, everyone – apart from politicians – can see it!

It’s also common knowledge that the French want rid of those migrants, and the obvious way is through the channel tunnel in to the UK! Thing is, they can’t openly say that, though the distinct lack of effective preventative action speaks volumes. There is another way though.

As EU members, both France & the UK are bound by the “free movement” EU principle. So, if France issues the migrants with passports it effectively makes them EU citizens and, as such, they can simply walk in to the UK – quite legally! David Cameron is powerless to stop it.

There are already “help points” within the migrant camps giving advice on how to get in to Britain. How soon before we see the first French passport office too?

So much for UK border control. As EU members it’s non-existent!!!!

With friends like this…


CalaisScenes like these were commonplace at the port of Calais over recent days. Hundreds (?) of migrants from across Europe, and beyond, hijacking lorries bound for Dover, and what were the French police doing about it? Nothing!

In fact, in some cases they were actively encouraging it!

Migrants have travelled the length and breadth of Europe, through many counties, all with one aim, to get to the UK. Why didn’t they settle in one of the countries through which they passed? Two reasons; one, the authorities in those countries make it perfectly clear immigrants are not wanted, and will get no help. Two, it’s almost universally known that the UK is a soft touch, offering hand-outs to anyone who can get here (by whatever means) – at the expense of the British taxpayer!

Is this the “freedom of movement” the EU is always banging on about?

Why aren’t the French doing more to stop this criminal activity? Simple, it’s in French interests to get those migrants on to lorries and out of France, then it becomes someone else’s problem. In this case the UK – again!

The French are showing a real “spirit of co-operation” between EU partners. Total c***!

When are UK politicians going to adopt the same “look after No.1” attitude that other countries display? We need two things in the UK; a change of government to one who puts UK people first, and out of the EU! Then, and only then, can we control our borders and stop scenes like the ones above.

Religion or Security?


Why is one acceptable and the other not?Yet again the UK favours foreigners.

The person on the left can freely walk in to a bank (or similar building) dressed in this way and nothing is said. However the person on the right would, in the same situation, without doubt be asked to remove the helmet. Indeed many organisations openly display notices banning the wearing of helmets inside their premises, supposedly on the grounds of security.

Yet, which of these two pictures hides the wearers identity most? Isn’t that a security risk?

It’s plain that security takes a back seat to religion. In fact should this “religious” garment be questioned it would undoubtedly be seen as discrimination, yet it’s all too easy for anyone (it could even be a male inside) to abuse this form of dress with the intention of committing acts of crime or terrorism.

But heaven forbid the UK government should ever question such wearers!

If security is so important, and in this day & age it most certainly is, then a line has to be drawn about what is and isn’t acceptable, and religion (real or otherwise) should not be allowed to compromise that.

Update 08/11/13Guess what, it actually happened! This “religious” garment has been used to allow a terrorist to evade capture, but will anything be done about  this outrageous abuse?

Update 24/07/14Yet another example of why immigrants must not be allowed to change UK laws. It’s like allowing everyone to move around in disguise. How do they hope to identify such people, or are we more concerned about offending their feelings?

United States of … Europe


Merkel EuroAdolf Hitler tried to dominate Europe by force, it took a world war to stop him.

Angela Merkel is trying to achieve the same aim through politics. What will it take to stop this modern-day Hitler?

She plainly sees herself as presiding over a United States of Europe, rivalling the U.S. president for the title of the world’s most powerful leader. History has shown that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! We need to stop this power-crazed maniac now, before she turns us all in to goose-stepping frankfurter-eaters… or worse!!!

Can we Brits rely on David Cameron to fight our corner? I think not. The last two years has shown where his priorities lie!!! This bully never stands up to foreign politicians, instead draining the resources from already over-loaded Brits in favour of immigrants.

New qualifications for immigrant entitlements; simply by setting foot in the UK guarantees the jackpot!

Cameron, as you love Europe so much emigrate! In fact go anywhere, but just GO!!

Just Who Governs Who?

Strasbourg… again?

Human Rights BuildingWho’s Human Rights take precedence?

Here in the UK shops must close, by law, for only 2 days each year, Christmas Day & Easter Sunday, guaranteeing shop workers the shortest of breaks, and the opportunity to celebrate our religious days as they were meant to be.

However, as not everyone recognises those two special days as religious festivals, a case has been put before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg alleging infringement of the human rights of non-Christian groups (by not allowing them to shop when they wish).
Seems that 363 days isn’t enough, or could there be some other, more sinister, motive for wanting to ride roughshod over the vast majority of the UK populations religious beliefs?

It appears that anyone can claim for anything these days; like the woman Police officer who’s suing the victim of a crime – because she tripped over while investigating!

The world has gone mad!