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What’s wrong with society?


CrimeSocietyI won’t attempt to provide a definitive response to that question, what I will do is put forward my thoughts on how things can be improved in at least one or two areas.

Take for example Crime. The government wants to save money, so public sector resources such as police are logical targets. The police are continually under pressure to solve more & more crimes with fewer & fewer officers. Why are there more crimes? Because there are fewer officers to prevent them!

There are various levels of crime though, ranging from the petty right up to, well, anything you care to name. Clearly the major crimes such as murder, robbery etc attract most police resources, which necessarily means that there are fewer officers to deal with the lower level crimes.

However, with very few exceptions, most criminals begin small & work up. What starts out as stealing a bar of chocolate from a supermarket can easily progress to street muggings and even on to armed robbery. Obviously not every criminal develops that way but the point I’m making is that if they get away with small crimes then the temptation is there to go for bigger rewards. 

The same thing can be seen on our roads. Someone gets away with parking where they shouldn’t; others see it and do the same. Then having got away with that one, it’s only a small step to not wearing a seat belt, or speeding, or using a mobile while driving. All relatively low-level offences in isolation but what if everyone drove around ignoring the rules? There’d be chaos & devastation.

It’s easy for police to say “we don’t have enough officers to deal with minor crimes”, but those are exactly the crimes they should be focusing on. Punish the minor crimes and deter the progression to anything bigger. Nip it in the bud, as the saying goes.

Clearly though it’s not as simple as that. In order to bring about such radical policing policies there’d need to be changes in other areas of law too, like the way offenders are dealt with (courts, prisons etc.), and that would then have a knock-on effect for other sectors. A massive undertaking.

I’ve hardly scratched the surface on this subject and it’s already becoming complicated, so to imaging any politician would have the will to embark on such changes is wishful thinking at best. That doesn’t alter the fact that the theory is sound. As a former Prime Minister once said, we must get “back to basics”, get the foundations right & the rest will follow just fine.

So “Mr Policeman”, the next time you see someone breaking the law don’t look the other way because it’s too much trouble. Make a start at doing your bit. ACT!



With friends like this…


CalaisScenes like these were commonplace at the port of Calais over recent days. Hundreds (?) of migrants from across Europe, and beyond, hijacking lorries bound for Dover, and what were the French police doing about it? Nothing!

In fact, in some cases they were actively encouraging it!

Migrants have travelled the length and breadth of Europe, through many counties, all with one aim, to get to the UK. Why didn’t they settle in one of the countries through which they passed? Two reasons; one, the authorities in those countries make it perfectly clear immigrants are not wanted, and will get no help. Two, it’s almost universally known that the UK is a soft touch, offering hand-outs to anyone who can get here (by whatever means) – at the expense of the British taxpayer!

Is this the “freedom of movement” the EU is always banging on about?

Why aren’t the French doing more to stop this criminal activity? Simple, it’s in French interests to get those migrants on to lorries and out of France, then it becomes someone else’s problem. In this case the UK – again!

The French are showing a real “spirit of co-operation” between EU partners. Total c***!

When are UK politicians going to adopt the same “look after No.1” attitude that other countries display? We need two things in the UK; a change of government to one who puts UK people first, and out of the EU! Then, and only then, can we control our borders and stop scenes like the ones above.

UK in Need


Flooded BritainAt the first mention of disasters anywhere in the world the UK government immediately get out the cheque book. Time and time again we see £M being sent across the globe, even though we face cuts at home. But when the UK is hit by unparalleled weather, and the subsequent horrors it brings, which countries reciprocate?

Indeed, it was only recently when MP’s began to feel the true strength of anger amongst the British public that they reluctantly announced they would “divert” some of the overseas aid budget – to help us in this country. Too little, too late!

MP’s from all sides are making concerned noises, in an effort to retain their jobs at the next election, though even now, in the face of the devastation communities across the UK are suffering, overseas aid is still a ring-fenced area for this government.

The UK is not facing these adverse weather patterns alone, we know that, but we MUST make our politicians understand that they have to look after British people ahead of all others – or maybe they expect other nations to support them at election time!

It’s the old story, years of neglect by subsequent governments are coming back to bite the British people on the arse! If only a fraction of the cash sent abroad had been spent on maintaining/updating resources in this country, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are today.

What Was It For?


FalklandsRemember the Falklands war? Certainly the British people do! Unfortunately though our politicians have conveniently put aside the devastating costs paid by our armed forces in the protection of the Falkland Islands.

Despite the open hostility shown by Argentina on numerous occasions since that time, Cameron & Co are happy to shower £9M of taxpayers money on this enemy!

It’s unbelievable just how far this government will go to make themselves look good, or, without any kind of backbone, they probably can’t stand up to foreigners. Pity they aren’t as co-operative with the people who elected them. No wonder the rest of the world sees the UK as a soft touch!

It’s nothing short of disgraceful, and yet another reason why this government has to go!

Economy Grows


Wage packetWhile Cameron & Co insist their policies are working, leading to growth and improvements in the UK economy [OSA], the public continue to see no evidence. In fact, just the opposite.

At the very time when MP’s are having an obscene pay rise “forced” upon them, the governor of the Bank of England has slapped the average worker in the face.

This comes on top of huge energy price increases just announced. Gas & electricity bills going through the roof. What are the government doing about it? Apart from spouting all the usual phrases, like “we need to invest for the future“, nothing! While they “invest for the future”, secure in the knowledge that if things get too uncomfortable they can always jet off somewhere warm, many people are left choosing whether to heat or eat! There will be no future if the present continues to spiral into chaos.

Cameron is actually encouraging a civil rebellion, and if things continue as they are it’s more than a remote possibility. One thing’s for sure, there has to be change – starting in Downing St!

Shaping Figures


OSAFollowing todays autumn statement from Camerons’ posh pall George Osborne, it’s clear that the OSA, the department singularly & specifically tasked with making the figures fit which ever line the government is pushing at the time, has been working overtime.

Despite what the general public know, based on everyday life and the ever decreasing money in their pockets, Osborne continues to tell us we’re getting better off (people working longer before being able to draw a pension, which itself will be reducing all the time is a plus…?? Raise the age high enough & there’ll be no need for pensions at all!). Hell, there’s so much spin going on it’s a wonder these politicians manage to stay on their feet (in the HoC most sit & sleep).

Cuts & austerity, that’s the continuing theme. Why? because we have no money. Why? Because we’re giving it away, in £Bn’s, to other countries!! Even as far back as March 2012 it was seen as wrong to give away the British peoples wealth (I use the term “wealth” reservedly). Yet MP’s continue to value their “aren’t we great” overseas reputation above duty to the people that elected them.

The disgrace goes on, and will, until we have a real change to the very structure of government in the UK. It can’t happen soon enough!

Those over-worked MPs


Empty ParliamentAs can be seen on many occasions during a parliamentary session, those MPs who actually bother to turn up at all regularly “nod-off”. Is it through over-work, or boredom?

MPs are plainly hard-done-to, so it’s no wonder that it’s just been announced they are to get a pay rise, of up to £10,000 p.a! When was the last time a regular British worker got such a rise? – Never, in my lifetime. And this comes on the back of George Osborne’s announcement that public service employees are to lose their annual pay increases altogether.

If that isn’t hypocrisy then I don’t know what is!

Arrogance in the extreme. These people need to get out into the real world instead of sitting on their a**** spouting hot air.

Yet another reason we need a monumental shake up of government!

Update 10/07/13MPs are to be awarded a pay rise of 11% according to the expenses watchdog. How can that be reconciled with  public service employees being limited to 1% for the past 3 years? Sheer hypocrisy!

Update 09/12/13Now MP’s are telling us they are powerless to stop this insult going ahead. Why powerless? If they don’t like something then change it, they’ve changes laws in the past when it suited them, so do it now. Or maybe “me thinks they doth protest too much…“.