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Set in Stone


Set in StoneEver noticed how, when shopping, the assistant has unquestioning faith in the computer?

Even for a single low-value item, they may have sold many of immediately prior, and where the price is boldly displayed on the item itself, the assistant will scan it and then glare at the screen before telling the customer the cost. It’s as though the price may have changed in the intervening minutes between sales! Or maybe it’s just that the assistant is incapable of reading – or trusting – the price label on the product.

Whatever the reason, human thought has been dispensed with! The computer is king! Heaven help them if the screen should display as above! How many would actually do it?

And what happens when the computer is “.. a bit slow today“, or “.. has a problem“? The customer must wait while a manager is summoned, or the computer decides [“decides”, hell, it’s just a machine!] to work again.

We now have a generation of people, little more than robots themselves, who can’t use initiative & common sense. Clearly the education system has much to answer for! And they call this progress…


BlackBerry Bombard Users With Ads


BBM Rip OffBlackberry, the company behind the messaging application BBM, have hit on a money-making idea that really annoys users.

Sponsored content (in others words adverts) appear in channel feeds, but if you don’t want to see these ads then, at one time, you could simply block them. Simple, ad gone!

Not any more. Blackberry weren’t making enough dosh.

Obviously users didn’t like the ads so blocked them, so Blackberry responded by removing the option to block these annoying adverts, UNLESS you pay!

That’s correct. When pressed BBM support replied, in a private message so that most people wouldn’t see it, with “Advertisements can be removed from BBM for $0.99 USD per month with the No Ads subscription. This subscription removes all ads from your feed, and you will no longer receive sponsored invites from our partners.

They may argue that $0.99 / month is a small amount, but multiply that by the hundreds of millions of users! A tidy profit, just for annoying people!

Companies that use such tactics deserve to lose customers, and they’ve certainly lost this one. BBM isn’t worth the hassle!

Energy Saving?


No hot fillIn this day & age of energy saving one everyday item seems to have been ignored. The washing machine, common in virtually every household, is a substantial consumer of that precious energy, but why must it consume so much – when there’s a solution.

Apart from the actual washing action, energy is also used to heat the water going into the machine. Surely if that heating process could be reduced or even eliminated then energy would be saved.

Time was when all such appliances came with two hoses, hot and cold, and the user could then choose whether to use hot or cold water. Naturally the use of hot water would save both time & energy, so why have manufacturers removed the “hot” option?

There are various “reasons” given by manufactures and service people as to why hot fills are unnecessary, but common sense says otherwise. The water must be heated to perform a proper wash, so not to use already hot water is simply wasteful. One thing’s for sure, cold-only machines takes far longer to complete a wash, thus using more energy!

Maybe the real reason lies in finance. Maybe it’s cheaper to manufacture cold-only machines, thus increasing profits. Maybe common-sense isn’t that common after all!


Maybe Not Dickens


BoEWith the British people facing austerity unseen for decades it’s clear that the government are strapped for cash (or so they say), hence all the cuts in public spending etc. It’s also the reason we’re being told to be more self-reliant; expect less from the state and provide more for ourselves.

Certainly the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has made it clear that he has no intention of increasing the interest rate anytime soon, despite having previously indicated it would happen as soon as inflation & unemployment falls. This being intended to keep mortgages low and help people spend.

Well, guess what, inflation & unemployment are both down (according to the governments “O.S.A.”), yet there’s no sign of any increase in interest rates. A good thing some may say, but wait. With incomes continuing to fall behind expenditures, meaning people are getting poorer, how – rather what – are people supposed to spend. It can’t be “credit”, living on that is the reason for this predicament in the first place.

Going back to the “self-reliant” theme; savings are what many people are relying on to get by, yet with interest rates at their lowest for years there’s virtually no return on savings or investments, so how long can people expect those to last?

It’s about time politicians and financiers realised they need to redress the balance between spending & saving. Far too much emphasis is placed on the former, yet without savers there’d be no spending!

Let’s see savers get some thanks for their efforts for a change!

People for sale…


Medical records for saleFirstly an apology; you’ve read here several times “what next for sale?”, it must be getting boring. However, the truth is, just when we thought it couldn’t go on, it does!!!

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has come up with a secret plan to sell confidential medical records to private companies. That’s right, patient records, including identifiable details such as NHS number, are to be added to a central database from which private firms can buy what they wish! It’s incredible!

The Data Protection Act was supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but it seems once again, this government change the rules as they go along.

So, to answer the first question “what next?”, I reckon it’s got to be “people”. Any country with a small population can apply to Cameron & Co to buy some of us, we’ll then have our nationality changed to whichever country has bought us.

Crazy…??? No crazier than many of the ludicrous stunts this government has pulled so far.

This prime minister will sell absolutely anything – or anyone!

He has to go!

New Super Hospital


RLHLiverpool is to get a new hospital, where all patients will have single rooms with en-suite facilities, flat screen TV’s with free channels, a team of meeters & greeters and a bleeper service so that they can wander around the grounds until the doctor is ready to see them; no more sitting in crowded clinics. These are just some of the luxuries this £429m Royal Liverpool Hospital will offer.

Unfortunately this comes with a down-side. The hospital will reduce the nursing workforce by about 8%, that’s nurses lost, not to mention job losses in other areas.

Which would you rather have, a fancy room with all mod-cons to be ill in or nurses to help make you better?

Are They Serious?


feeling-luckyDrink driving is now accepted as wrong, and rightly so! But while plenty of measures have been taken to address the issue there remains one very simple step that appears to have been overlooked.

Leaving aside for a moment the well-known consequences of drink driving, just think about the time in the pub. Some pubs are taking  reasonable action to deter drink drivers, by offering free soft/non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers, and this is to be commended, but others are almost encouraging it.

How? By making it financially beneficial to drink alcohol over soft drinks.

That’s right, many pubs charges  as much, & in some cases even more, for soft drinks than for alcoholic ones, then try to justify this by saying it costs them as much to buy, say, Lemonade as it does for beer. Well, if that’s true then the suppliers/brewers need a wake-up call, or if it’s just greedy landlords then they should be penalised.

UK law refers to offences of “cause or permit”. It’s clear that pubs are walking a knife-edge here, by “causing” customers who may later drive to choose the cheaper option when buying drinks. It’s human nature. It takes a strong will to spend more in order to “do the right thing”, especially after a drink or two.

So Government, focus your actions on the roots rather than just the aftermath! Spend some of your publicity budget on correcting the obvious imbalance in drinks pricing.