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Such a simple idea

So why hasn’t it been done?

Safe with charging point

OK, you’re at the hotel and your phone/tablet needs charging but you’ve to be elsewhere right now. A situation common enough. Do you a) take the phone with you and hope the battery lasts? or b) put it on charge in the room – and hope no-one steals it while you’re out?

Most hotels provide in-room safes so that valuables can be left securely, yet it’s hardly secure to leave an expensive phone/tablet charging on a table. Should it get stolen the first thing the hotel would say is “Why wasn’t it in the safe?”

The solution seems, to me at least, very obvious. It’s hardly a mammoth task to install an electrical socket (& vent) into the safe.

Any hotel that did provide such a facility would have a USP to encourage guests and would almost certainly quickly recoup any costs through increased visitor numbers. I know that, personally, given the choice between a hotel with the facility to securely charge my phone and one without, I’d pick the “with” every time.

So why isn’t it available?

May I suggest readers do as I’ve done and request each hotel that they visit installs such a facility. With enough requests commonsense might just prevail.


Security Lights

Who benefits?

Security LightsThey come in many styles, the household security light, ranging from small porch lights to those massive floodlights. There’s no doubt they have benefits for the householder but they can also have drawbacks, particularly the floodlight type.

Once such problem is poor installation, leading to annoyance for others.

The idea is plainly to illuminate the immediate area around your own property. Simple enough, or it should be. Yet we’ve all seen those 500 watt lamps lighting up the entire neighbourhood!

Who does that householder think they’re helping? Certainly not the neighbours, they get a blast of daylight every time the light is triggered, leading to disturbed sleep and the consequential discord. It’s residential property being protected not a sports arena!

Maybe the electricity company benefit. Certainly with 500 watts of power firing off several times a night the bill will soon mount up. Is it really necessary to have such a powerful lamp? With an average light bulb being around 60 watts that’s like turning on 8-9 of those each time something (i.e. cat) walks across the area. Crazy! A light of only 250 watts is ample to illuminate a garden or driveway, provided it’s positioned correctly, and it’ll save money!

Without getting in to legalities, nuisance is something that can often be dealt with under local authority by-laws, but who really wants to go down that route? Simple answer is for anyone putting up a security floodlight to think and not just about themselves! This is one case where Bigger is definitely not Better.