Worthy of Note



Companies that consumers should be wary of.

Dyson-logoFamous for its new technology in the field of household cleaning, this company makes much of its “Award-winning customer service“. What they don’t say is that they also refer to accessories as “Suitable for: All Dyson upright, cylinder and handheld vacuum cleaners” (& show pictures) when they really mean “some“. For example tools/accessories are shown which have certain attachments, that only fit certain cleaners. Not the impression they give! Basically they change design features regularly so that customers cannot utilise older, yet serviceable, accessories with newer machines. This wouldn’t be so bad if customers weren’t mislead in the first place. The least they should do is be honest, state up front & clearly, which accessories fit which model. A “one size fits all” approach is designed to lure customers into mistaken & often expensive buying decisions. That is not “award-winning” in my opinion! Don’t be taken in, the bagless vacuum system is now available from several manufactures, so give this one a wide berth.

HomeServe08451-420057 – HomeServe, the company that specialises in pestering people!

Several times each day, for weeks and even months, this company uses automated dialling systems to harass people with unsolicited phone calls. It’s useless complaining through the usual channels, they take no notice. Instead here’s some advice… firstly, never answer their calls (your caller display will show when they call) but keep a log. It will prove your case when you complain. Then write a letter of complaint to the person ultimately responsible for this shambles of a company, the Chief Executive & Director, Richard Harpin, at HomeServe, Cable Drive, Walsall, WS2 7BN and mark your envelope “addressee only”. If he gets pestered enough he might understand how you feel. Follow this up with complaints in writing to both Ofcom and the Information Commissioners Office. Remember, harassment (which is what this company is doing) is illegal. They can be stopped! Lastly, never do any business with them.


Question: Can they read?


Aviva – Please send us your P45.

Client – P45 sent.

Aviva – P45 returned to client with a request for full name, address, date of birth and national insurance number.

Client – P45 returned to Aviva with advice that ALL those details are on the form!

Weeks later…

Client – Please confirm receipt of P45.

Aviva – We never received it, ever.

Client – Good job I have proof that you returned it to me previously.

Aviva – Oh….. sorry……!

Client – My P45 is now lost!

Aviva – Oh….. sorry ….. !

The incompetence continued.

Answer: Apparently Not!

And this lot expect you to trust them with your financial future..!

ScotcallThis debt collection company states on its website “Simply put, our ethics, expertise, and professionalism are unsurpassed.

If that were true would they resort to leaving messages on the home phone of someone they didn’t know and with whom they had no connection, asking that person to contact them about “your account”? I think not! At best this is shoddy and incompetent record keeping, at worst simply scare tactics. Either way, if you should receive such a message just ignore it. Do not contact this company, instead inform the Information Commissioners Office.

MorrisonsLike probably most Morrisons stores my local store has a “community” notice board by the entrance, for the placement of customers adverts (sales & wants). However, if you plan on using this facility beware; although adverts are said to be listed for 14 days, they could be removed in a matter of hours! Why? Because the Morrisons employees responsible for monitoring these boards are not very bright.

Anything that looks even passable, i.e. wording showing an average level of literacy, design that isn’t immediately offensive or just a well laid out advert, is likely to be classed as “business” – & removed – even though it may contain nothing remotely business related. It seems Morrisons expect their customers to be able to produce only adverts that look like the product of a childrens crèche. They don’t think much of their customers, obviously!

Moral… threat them with the respect they attribute to you. Shop elsewhere.

Wescot01482-483246 – This is the phone number of one of the largest debt collection agencies in the UK, and apparently one of the most incompetent. They use an automated dialler system to indiscriminately call, week after week, households across the UK in connection with outstanding debt – never mind the fact that the numbers they call have absolutely nothing to do with any debt. Where they get the numbers is a mystery, and apparently they don’t even know which numbers they are calling in relation to any particular debt. Obviously the only way these people make money is by recovering bad debts, but by continuing to pursue the wrong people/numbers they will never achieve that aim – hence the incompetence!

My advice, should you be the innocent recipient of these calls, is to totally ignore them. Do not answer or respond to them in any way, and certainly never give any personal information. After all, the last thing you want is for your details to end up in the hands of such a slap-happy company.

swinton-hastingsThese companies, while independent, are as guilty as each other so I’m dumping them in the same trash can, for accessing an individuals credit file without authority (click the logo above). A person doesn’t even need to contact these companies for them to do a credit check, and getting such checks removed is time consuming to say the least. Why these two feel they need to go about things in such an under-hand way one can only guess, maybe it’s because they’re so desperate for business. Certainly I haven’t heard of any other insurance company that uses this tactic. I’ll stay well clear of them, and would advise others to do so too.

BeurerA German company with a service agent in the UK. Unfortunately the UK agent doesn’t have a service department! Yes, you read it correctly. The parent company readily refers UK customers to their agent in North West England, but anyone contacting this agent would find they’re out of luck if requiring a company product to be serviced. So, why do Beurer UK exist, and do the German division know, or even care, about this farcical situation?

CnM secure - not hot on support!When your CCTV system develops a fault the last thing you want the manufacturers support department to tell you is “well, yes it [inbuilt feature] is supposed to work… but I wouldn’t worry about it“, but to then report they checked a similar machine in stock and that didn’t work either! How do these companies survive?

Virgin MobileRichard Branson’s “Virgin” empire is under attack. Specifically the Mobile division. Customer complaints have reached such numbers that it takes weeks for them to even respond (auto-replies don’t count), and even longer to effect any kind of resolution. During this time they might come back with such phrases as “like to apologize” and “can appreciate how this can be frustrating”, while all the time doing nothing to actually fix the problem. Patience is expected of customers, but after weeks of being ignored is that really justified? I think not. If you can’t get the levels of service you pay for, then take your business elsewhere.

P2G / Hermes pass the buck!Ever booked a delivery with one of these? I hope it went ok or you’d be faced with the “it’s not our fault, it’s theirs!” attitude. Even though a service is booked and paid for doesn’t mean you get it. Parcels not delivered as promised; lost? Well, could be, but neither company will admit it. Both look to each other, meanwhile the customer has no idea where their parcel is! “Compensation” I hear someone say. Good idea, but “No”, they won’t (& don’t give a reason!). They probably get their business by offering low prices, but this is one case where you definitely get what you pay for – or rather don’t. Cheap prices, even cheaper service. Steer well clear!

PS – Complain too much for their liking (i.e. tell others about the abysmal service) and P2G block your comments. They clearly think that ends the problem; how wrong they are!

Scottish PowerScottish Power, the energy supplier, has come in for serious criticism from numerous sources, and rightly so. They are a disgrace when it comes to customer service. It’d take a whole blog on it’s own to detail this companies failings, instead just Google “Scottish Power complaints”, then choose another company.

motorola_logoMotorola (aka Moto) advertises phones as having the latest operating system. In fact that’s nowhere near the truth! The Moto E (2nd gen) is sold with Android 5.0.2 while the latest OS is 6. Even worse they refuse to say when updates will arrive, instead issuing the same old platitudes. If they spent more time working at providing proper service and less time thinking up excuses, then just maybe they wouldn’t be left so far behind all other manufacturers. If you want efficient updates avoid Moto!

Not even in it

FacebookFacebook must be about the most unhelpful social media service ever invented! For a start they make getting any form of support incredibly difficult. If you ever manage to get a response from them the best they do is direct you to the “help” pages. “Help”, that’s a joke! It’s just a series of statements put together by people who don’t care, hence you’re simply sent around in circles. Any decent company is proud to offer support, but not Faceless (a bunch of uncaring faceless individuals). Zuckerberg has made his fortune at users expense and is now showing his contempt. So, is it worth using? Not in my (face)book!

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